gayvertisingOp 29 juni 2010 zal er in Londen een GAY BUSINESS CONFERENCE worden georganiseerd. Deze conferentie gaat in op de marketing en verkoop aan de groepmarkt van homo- en biseksuele consumenten. Verschillende sprekers delen hun ervaringen en expertise in "gay-marketing".
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Dear GENIUS Board,

We are in the process of launching the GAY BUSINESS CONFERENCE ( taking place on 29 June 2010 in London UK for 'mainstream' and 'gay' businesses/organisations and professionals from Europe and worldwide. We would be very pleased if GENIUS members would come to the Conference and we would really appreciate your help as the GENIUS Committee to tell your members (and anyone you think might be interested in the Conference, regardless of their industry sector or whether they are 'gay' or 'mainstream') about the GAY BUSINESS CONFERENCE. Please can you help us by telling your GENIUS members about the Conference?  Thank you very much. The Conference is designed to help professionals, businesses and organisations to increase sales to gay and bisexual customers - not about academic theory but about proven business techniques and sales & marketing campaigns that work.  It is about better targeting consumers with a high level of disposable income, increasing sales and boasting profits into 2011 and beyond. 

A day at the GAY BUSINESS CONFERENCE should:

  • help you grow any firm/business/organisation through hearing from successful business leaders sharing their experience and advice on how to target customers who identify as gay and bisexual, and
  • enable delegates to meet and network with other delegates, sharing sales, marketing, customer service, product and service development, operations advice, ideas, techniques etc.

Speakers include:

  • Juan P. Juliá, President of Axel Hotels and "Gay Businessman of the Year 2008" - flying in from Barcelona to talk about how he is developing the first International gay hotel group with a "heterofriendly" approach...
  • Ian Johnson, Founder of Out Now Consulting - explaining the 'gay market' and giving an exclusive early release of findings from the '2010 Out Now Global LGBT Market Study'...
  • Neil Spring, Co-Founder of Village Drinks - sharing how he has grown his professional networking organisation from a few hundred members to over 15,000 gay and bisexual professions in the UK and abroad...
  • Matthew Todd, Editor, Attitude Magazine - talking about the challenges he and his team face in making Attitude a success both as a magazine and as a business and share his insights and tips for increasing sales to gay and bisexual customers...
  • Kim Watson, Media Director, Millivres Prowler Group - providing insights into how Millivres Prowler understand and serve the broad, diverse gay market and giving her thoughts on the future of the 'gay market' and possible strategies to help you build your sales...
  • Andrew Roberts, Chief Executive, AMRO Worldwide - talking about the company he founded in true entrepreneurial style and giving insights into various marketing campaigns for AMRO Holidays, including the infamous "So Gay" poster campaign...
  • Matthew D'Arcy, Director, OMTAC and Director, GMen Brighton - presenting a whistle-stop 'mini-Masterclass' on the use of the Internet & Social Media (Search Engine Optimisation, Web 2.0, Facebook, Twitter etc) for engaging gay and bisexual customers and clients...

For full details please see the website: We have tried to keep the cost of the Conference as low as possible and we have a range of prices to reflect people's ability to pay etc. There are reduced prices for additional colleagues/delegates booking places from the same company/organisation. You can book your place(s) securely online on the website at: or download a PDF booking form from the website and fax/post it to us. 

We look forward to meeting you and GENIUS members on 29 June 2010.

Best wishes,


Matthew & GBC Team
29 June 2010, Central Hall Westminster, London UK

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