Leiden University hosts panel on Multidimensionality, LGBTs and the Law

On Friday 14 October 2011, Leiden University's Week of Diversity will be concluded with a debate on how multiple discrimination affects lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgenders and others. Speakers are Darren Rosenblum (professor of law at Pace Law School, New York) and Domenica Ghidei (member of the Dutch Equal Treatment Commission), and the event will be chaired by Kees Waaldijk. Organised by Leiden Law School together with Leiden University's LGBT network ("De Leidsche Ganymedes Borrel"). More info at

Leiden University offers course on Comparative Sexual Orientation Law 
From Spring 2012 professor Kees Waaldijk will be teaching a new course "Comparative Sexual Orientation Law" at Leiden Law School. The course looks at how homosexual behaviour, lesbian and gay individuals, and same-sex relationships are being recognised (or not) in the laws of different countries and different international organisations. There will be various guest lectures. Students will do their own comparative legal research, and will write papers on four different aspects of sexual orientation law, each paper from a different possible professional perspective. This course is primarily aimed at law students from many countries, but also students from other disciplines are very welcome. Registration is free for students enrolled at any Dutch university (including exchange students), others pay a fee. In 2012 the seminars and lectures of this course will take place in the weeks of 23 April, 30 April and 23 May, at Leiden University's Campus in The Hague (above the Central station). See the course description at https://studiegids.leidenuniv.nl/courses/show/31001/comparative-sexual-orientation-law. At Leiden University, Kees Waaldijk was recently appointed to Europe's first chair in comparative sexual orientation law (see http://www.law.leidenuniv.nl/waaldijk).

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